Delivering more housing solutions

It’s hard to live a good life without a place to call home.

Wise Property Solutions is part of the Wise Group – one of the larger non-government organisations in Aotearoa delivering community mental health and wellbeing services for vulnerable people.

When the Wise Group started 30 years ago, it was all about housing, and 30 years on it is still an issue, affecting the mental health and wellbeing of people and communities.

Today, the Group has a significant portfolio of leased and owned properties across the country, requiring a collaborative and sustainable approach to managing and growing this important investment.

Working in partnership

That’s where Wise Property Solutions come in – to power the Group’s housing solutions. Affordable social housing has never been more needed. Our purpose is to work in partnership to deliver innovative and sustainable property solutions that create fresh possibilities for people who use the Wise Group’s services.

We work in partnership with Pathways (community mental health), LinkPeople (community housing provider) and The People’s Project (Housing First) services.

Our work involves:

  • Onboarding new and existing housing stock – making housing more affordable for more people
  • Contract management – building long-term partnerships
  • Asset management – properties that are healthy, fit for purpose and well-maintained
  • Procurement – working at scale to get the best solutions for the best results.

We partner to deliver value for investors, developers, communities, local and central government, and people who require affordable and healthy housing to make their home.

Our purpose

As part of the Wise Group, we are a Peak Performing Organisation (PPO). PPO is a values-based business framework that puts people and planet first. It is based on international research that found when organisations have great dreams, great infrastructure and passionate people, Peak Performance will follow.

Our shared purpose guides what we do and helps us focus on continuous improvement to get better at what we do.

Housing is a human right, but we don’t have enough affordable housing in Aotearoa to meet demand. We are seeking partnerships with organisations that share our values and whose goals align with our purpose to build more affordable housing for vulnerable people.

Delivering innovative and sustainable property solutions to create fresh possibilities.

We believe…

All property must be affordable, healthy,
fit for purpose and well-maintained.

Getting the best solutions for our customers
by taking a strategic and sustainable view.

Using evidence and influence to create
new opportunities and system change.

Building long-term partnerships.

Credibility, trust, relationships and reputation
are at the heart of everything we do.